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MIKIKIBABY 3D Magnetic Building Blocks

MIKIKIBABY 3D Magnetic Building Blocks are designed to hold a child’s interest and attention, build critical development skills and promote imaginative play and creativity. This is a scientific toy which is suitable for the whole family to play together.

Traditional magnetic building blocks are prone to produce scratches due to the friction of high frequency, which not only affects the appearance but also diminishes the refracted brilliant effect of sunlight. Our magnetic building blocks adopt the newest patent design: the uneven surface is scratch proof, which greatly reduces the skin friction area between pieces. So that friction scratches on the surface will be avoided to maximize the transmission effect. At the same time, we have adopted the strongest built-in magnetic stripes, so that the magnetic will be stronger and the building will be more substantial. The storage box package design is more convenient for the admission of toys, which is very thoughtful.

MIKIKIBABY Renewable Giant Coloring Posters

Painting and coloring are always best choices for family times and kids’ early education. My family loves coloring so much! Giant coloring Posters are viral in Europe and the United States. It can not only release stress but also make coloring become a game, a moment where friends and family can create and share together. However, it is common for young children to make mistakes during coloring and doodling. I am pretty sure you don’t want the whole work to be destroyed by a small accident mistake made by your little artists. So we find a solution!

That is our reusable giant coloring poster in BLACK. We use a material which is water proof and can repeatedly be colored. We print the illustration on this material and use zero dust chalks and liquid chalks to color. It’s okay if the children’s coloring is wrong or make mistakes. You can easily wipe off the traces thoroughly just with a damp cloth. And the poster could be colored over and over again! It is very environmentally friendly. The dust-free chalk collocated in use is a patented product which is food safety, suitable for little kids for coloring and painting. You do not have to worry about kids bite or eat it accidentally, so mom and dad can be more assured for children to use.

MIKIKIBABY Doodle&Play Multifunctional Playmats

Different from most of the playmats on the market that only possess the single-function nature, MIKIKIBABY creatively invents the one of a kind multifunctional playmats, which combines doodling and recreation function to the using procedure. The doodling side surface is made of the waterproof and washable material, which can be used again after washing or wipe off. The crawling side is made of waterproof Polyurethane material with cross lines. This side of the playmats adopts entertaining gameplay design like roadmap and airplane chess, which increases the fun of the game and can enrich the functions of playmats. The doodling surface, protective lining, and the inter-layer have been designed with hemming structure on edges.

We named this children-toy-collection “Doodle&Play,” that is to integrate the passion of art creation and unplugged lifestyle to kids’ everyday life. To this regard, we have developed zero dust chalk on food safety grade for children, and washable liquid chalk marker, to let the safest products escort the children’s growth.